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Dura Temp Corporation is an industry-leading supplier

HANDLING SOLUTIONS FOR GLASSMAKERS WORLD Dura Temp Corporation is an industry-leading supplier of hot ware handling solutions for glassmakers worldwide.

Quick-Change Sweepout Pockets

The unique “drop-on” style of Dura Temp sweepout pockets creates an ease of use that is the best in the industry. Dura Temp sweepout pockets can be modified to fit almost any sized and shaped container, including flasks, perfume, pharmaceutical, and odd- shaped ware.

Ware Transfer

Transfer Pockets – used to transfer ware from the main conveyor to the cross-conveyor. These pockets are also referred to as Ditch-Diggers and Paddles.
Cross Conveyor – conveyor belt that runs from the transfer area to the lehr bar area.


Metal Mount Pads (Fingers)

Dura Temp’s metal mount series pads (MM/CM) are comprised of DT-2 silicone composite material molded around a metal reinforcing insert. These metal reinforced pads come standard on all of Dura Temp’s quick-change pockets.


Lehr Stacker Bars

The products that Dura Temp offers for the lehr furnace area include lehr stacker bars, pocket assemblies, and several material options.

Sheet Materials and Cut Parts

Dura Temp offers several materials in flat stock form, including DT-1, DT-18, and DT-80. Customers can machine these materials to fit their specific requirements. Dura Temp can also provide cut parts machined from these materials.

Ware Guides

Dura Temp offers curved and straight ware guides. The solid guides are made from strips of DT-1 material, assembled in a light-weight steel frame. The roller version consists of individually replaceable, free rotating rollers mounted in a steel channel. The roller design presents 360º of contact surface, which increases the life of the guide.


FortiPHY Ware Transfer Plates

FortiPhySM coated plates are the best choice for ware transfer plate applications in both the hot and cold ends.

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