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Certincoat® TC100 hot-end container glass coating

Certincoat® TC100 hot-end container glass coating is the worldwide standard for container glass coatings used in the beverage and food industry.  Whether for returnable or one-way glass packaging, Certincoat® TC100 coating and the Certincoat® C-series and XE-series online coating hoods provide a complete solution for the beverage and food glass container industries.

The leading hot-end coating operation

The introduction of the patented Certincoat® system revolutionized hot-end coating (H.E.C.). The Certincoat® System consists of a suite of products engineered to provide a simple, reliable and cost-effective operation:

  • Certincoat®TC100 coating material
  • Precision metering pump assembly
  • High efficiency coating hoods for all speeds & sizes
  • Continuous technical support
  • Extensive research and development

Performance, high-reliability and efficiency

With the Certincoat® system, forming lines continuously produce high-quality coated ware with less downtime.

Additional benefits include:

  • Uniform and consistent coating
  • Excellent finish protection
  • Efficient use of Certincoat®TC100
  • Precise control
  • Coating efficiency not affected by humidity or ambient temperature fluctuations
  • Significant reduction in plant corrosion problems
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